Contacted By A Constable?

Unsure what to do when you get home and find a note on your door that there is a warrant for your failure to pay, failure to respond, failure to appear, etc?

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Have you received a call or letter from a PA State Constable?

Why did the Constable contact you?


Contact by a constable will be due to your failure to respond to a court summons, fail to make a plea, or failure to make payment on a court judgement against you. When a constable is serving the court, he or she is the one that the warrant has been issued to for service. On the letter there may be the following information:

  • The Magisterial District Court No. (i.e. 01-1-01).
  • The docket number to reference the warrant with (starting with TR, NT, or PC).
  • A phone number for the court.
  • Optionally a number to contact the constable.

To resolve the warrant you will need to contact the court or the constable that the warrant is issued to.


A constable serves many types of civil process.

  • Subpoenas
  • Levies
  • Evictions